i thought of you today… and the other day, too.

i love this. so much.

you know. i love things that show that someone thought of me before the moment that they saw me.

when you receive a monogrammed gift – you know that they had to plan ahead to give it to you at that time.

you dont just run across pre-personalized stuff that says “ROBYN (with a Y, thank you very much) BLAIKIE COLLINS”.

it just doesnt happen. so when someone gives me something with my name on it, spelled correctly – i know they thought of me twice (at least). once when they special ordered it, and then again when they gave it to me.

i was cleaning out some stuff last night and found some stationery that my best friend gave me several  years ago.

let me ask you – what has someone done for you that made you know they thought of you more than once.

doesnt that make you feel so special?

you know God thinks about you allllll the time? all the time. he thinks about before, during and after of every second of your life. you have been monogrammed by him.

what can you do today to give God a monogrammed something tomorrow?

i just want you to know – whoever is reading – i’ve been thinking about you alot. wanting only to tell you things worth your time and mine to share…

(inspiration for this thought: i went to a trade show today of promotional and personalizable items – because my friend Neal Palmer thought of me, invited me a month ago, and there was a calendar waiting for me with our church name already on it. BOOM! )

2 thoughts on “i thought of you today… and the other day, too.

  1. Thank you for this post. What a great reminder: not only that I am thought of, but that I need to think of others, too!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Love this one!

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