winning in overtime is even sweeter… and applies to you.

it is always wonderful to win. but it’s even sweeter and more intense when you have to go into overtime… in the case of the beech bucs freshman team, double overtime.

what i learned from the beech bucs tonite:

work hard without stopping – these boys fought, hard, for every yard they got.

rejoice in the victories – they lept, they hugged, they slapped each other on the back (and on the butt).

bring others into your joy – they raised their hands to the crowd asking for applause

do you do this in your ministry? or in  your art? or in your life?

have you worked hard without stopping?

ministry: seeking those who haven’t yet found Jesus…

art: finding the idea that hasn’t been fleshed out yet…

life: invested in the relationships that will change and enrich your life.

have you rejoiced in the victories?

ministry: sharing those who answer the call of Christ…

art: celebrated the design that defines your style…

life: told the ones you love you love them so many times they can’t help but believe you?

have you brought others into your joy? 

ministry: shared the stories of those you introduce to the God of the universe

art: shown the things that you have been giving by the Creator, to create, to others

life: rejoiced out loud about what good you have experienced and seen up close and personal.

if you have… tell me how? i’m curious to hear you share the joy of your salvation.


5 thoughts on “winning in overtime is even sweeter… and applies to you.

  1. Tami Heim says:

    Love thinking on three levels.
    Love you. Nuff said.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Awesome blog today

    • carolyn says:

      thanks so much!. it was a fun win… and quint played alot – and at crunch time – which was doubly exciting.
      should’ve added another point: are you ready to play at crunch time. are you the one He calls when everything is on the line… hm…

  3. Love your creative thinking, Rob. YOU bring me joy everytime I read one of your blogs and see pics of your family.

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