so, heart calls a meeting…

we have been learning about the church as a living organism for the last two weeks.

this week we are learning about being many parts in one body… so naturally we thought we would create a short about giant body parts…

so… the body parts are grumbling about their particular roles, foot really wants to be a hand, eye is rude to everyone and ear feels unloved. heart decides to call a meeting…

each character learns that they are important… just as each person is important in the body of of the church… even though it does sound like a science fiction novel to have many people in one body…

(the irony is that each of these actors are very active as they function within the church body in one accord. i have been impressed for the past year with the lives they each are leading and knew that they would be the best ones to tell the story)

tyler scott is the shooter and editor… and we can’t wait to see the finished product. it’s going to rock the treehouse here, then make its’ way to jeremie, haiti – for our kids there!

i’m so excited about the lesson, the crazy visuals and the creativity of this project…

because nothing beats a good heart!

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