i wanna help.


oh how grateful i was to have another randall goodgame/andrew peterson album. great musicians. brilliantly intricately simple lyrics … it’s truti-ful. This album captures the mind from beginning to end, taking you on a joy ride of fun and silliness, driven by the gravity and force of deeper themes rolled out masterfully. From I wanna Help (free download), to I’m Adopted, and God Makes Messy Things Beautiful… just, wow. Prepare to go to church… even though it’ll sneak up on you.

one of the  song writers of this album, who lives in nashville, is randy goodgame, and he has become a great friend…

it all started when i went to his concert last year and was enchanted by the quality of kids music that he was sharing.

it was so wonderful to hear something that was actually really solid music and instrumentation, but it was written for kids. that doesn’t happen a whole lot. many times their music isnt given the respect that is shown in the S&B brand of music.

in fact, listening to these albums, and introducing them to others, makes me feel like i’m providing a cultural experience for my kids.

i often listen to the first album when i’m alone in my car… and now the second one as well.


BTW: i got to write a stage show to accompany his christmas album (Slugs & Bugs Christmas). what a privilege … i’m so excited about that, and we are in the midst of rehearsing it at my church – other churches across the country will be playing the show as well.

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