know how you get a lot of people to attend your event?

you get alot of people involved…

you know what happens when you get people involved?

you create marketers. you have built-in participants. you enlist investors.

essentially, you ensure success. you build a tribe.

I was in a meeting with my boss, Jeff Lovingood, the other day… and he was inspiring us to plan for more. Expect great things. He reminded us that if you don’t plan for more, then you will not be ready when they come… so they won’t come back.

Don’t get caught without the capacity to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of your clients… or they won’t come back.

If you want 100 people to come, buy food for 120.

If you want 1200 kids to come, be prepared for 1,300.

Every person you enlist becomes part of your branding strategy… just by virtue of being involved.

The more people you can expose or educate about your thing… whatever your thing is… the more people are likely to tell other people… and get involved.

It’s certainly not rocket science, but it is something we forget about. Something we forget to focus on.

Instead of just meeting the need, how about creating the demand!!


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