i’ve been writing and planning for the Christmas season this week. i know, i know… thanksgiving is upon us and hasn’t even happened yet… but for those of us that are planning christmas experiences for church… it’s upon us.

this year we are going to focus on advent. we are going to go through the candles. we are also doing something really fun with

this is a series that includes weekly scripture memory with tattoos… the kids will get a new tattoo each week with a scripture that pertains to the lesson. AWESOME. they will love it, and lives are changed when we trap God’s word in our hearts. we are even giving 50 family sets away in our homelink venue on the hendersonville campus, and more sets on our other campuses. why? because we believe scripture is the key to living the abundant life God wants for you. we believe memorizing God’s word … gives life.

in the midst of planning the sunday morning experiences i have run across some amazing music, some new, some old.

so i want to share that with you:

first of all… i’m obsessed with Toby Mac and Jamie Grace’s Mary’s Little Boy

i’m humbled by Go Fish’s It’s All About the Cross

What advent experiences have you had that I might incorporate into our experience?

sidenote: my family used to do advent together, and we would have “hat night at advent” – i’ll look for a photo to share next time.

Help me write my show by sharing your ideas about advent.


One thought on “advent-ageous

  1. I posted an Advent Family Booklet – you can print it off and give to families to use at home.

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