hu-la-la... i love it.

my dad loved to wear hawaiian shirts.

every. single. day.

when he wasn’t wearing a sweet looking suit, starched shirt, swanky tie and the occasional silk hankie, that is.

so… when he died 3 1.5 years ago… we had a closetful of his hawaiian shirts. each with its own set of memories. some more beloved than others.

i wanted a hawaiian shirt quilt… this year for christmas my mom surprised me with a quilt with each of the shirts… and even their collars. there are also little images that represent different elements of who he was in the center of the shirts.

i know that i didn’t “Freak out” like my family wanted me, too. they had video cameras trained to capture my response… and mostly i was just shocked… speechless… and sad, too. he doesn’t need the shirts anymore because he is in heaven. awesome for him, bummer for us.

i am also thrilled. it’s a wonderful way to honor his memory and his spirit. the work is GORGEOUS… if you could see it you would marvel at the crafstmanship. i’m looking for the perfect place to display this masterpiece. and even though it makes me teary to see certain patterns – it is also wonderful because of something i firmly believe.

THE PAIN VALIDATES THE TRUTH OF THE LOVE…it hurts because i loved him so much. it’s a treasure and i’m so grateful that my mom sacrificed the shirts to me and planned ahead to create this wonderful surprise.



  1. Mike Morris says:

    Wow! Bittersweet, profound truth that all of us will experience at some point in life (if we’re lucky enough to love and be loved). God bless you as you enjoy the quilt and the memories. I just posted something on my blog today that God taught me in our losses 2 years ago–I would say that’s ironic but I know better, it’s God. Thanks for sharing.

  2. cblaikie says:

    beautifully expressed….

  3. Michelle Phillips Scheef says:

    I absolutely love this! I miss your dad!!!

  4. princessjes says:

    Very sweet, been thinking about you a ton this week…

  5. Susan Harris says:

    Well said, Robin! When you hang your quilt, may it be a reminder that you will see your Dad again and spend eternity with him praising Our LORD!

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