the naughty list.

our admin (christy ryan). said the most perfect thing today in a meeting.

we were interviewing a potential replacement and we gave her the opportunity to ask Christy any questions that she had about the position.

after filling her in about the minutia and mountain of spreadsheet horrificness that i would perish if i had to do but some people totally slay… she said,
you learn the different kids, their personalities and behavior… you learn which ones you really need to pray for”.

i stood up and wrote that on a white board. i loved it. i love that instead of saying “behavior issues” “socially challenged” “bad kid” “handful” “troublemaker” undisciplined imp” … or any other such derogatory descriptor… she said “the kids we need to pray for.” not “the naughty list.

don’t you love that? don’t you wish that was always your first response when you encountered opposition, belligerence, indifference, sassiness or plain old brattiness … “oh, i really need to pray for this kid”. i love it.

it encourages me because it reflects a tone we have been working hard to set in our ministry.

to love them well. love them hard. love them with truth. love them with grace. love them well.

we launched our church year in lhkidz with “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”… and her statement is evidence that Love is at work in our midst. 

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One thought on “the naughty list.

  1. Susan Harris says:

    Love Christy Ryan!!! Love what she and you said…please pray for these kids, the world labels them enough! Good Word Robin!!!


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