you don’t get to do cool new stuff if you aren’t willing to jump

yesterday was a big day.

our long hollow kidz choir had our slugs & bugs christmas performance with randall goodgame. it was incredible. the kidz were awesome. the choir helpers have been faithful to show up and serve all quarter long. whew………


alex sold a lake house. (thank you davis’ for giving him the opportunity to be your realtor).

merry christmas.

moving to nashville has been amazing. there is so much to do here creatively… it’s ridiculous.

one of the neatest things i’ve gotten to do since moving here… and another really really cool thing about the Christmas show… is that I got to write part of it. I met Randall when I went to a slugs & bugs concert months ago. I loved his music so much and went up to talk to him after… ultimately We became friends and I started to collaborate with him to create a show that would wrap around the Christmas album he had already written, allowing the songs to tell most of the story – and drama to fill in the gaps. it was so amazing to get to watch it come to life. see the things i want to do differently, the things i think went well. i also asked jason dyba to join us in the beginning stages, and boy were we glad. his wisdom and specific skill set really rounded out the team and the needs we would have to put the whole thing together. he ended up notating music and designing the set, then calling the show. love him.

here is the lesson i have for you: always do it. always go for it. you don’t get to do cool new stuff if you aren’t willing to jump out and offer.

One thought on “you don’t get to do cool new stuff if you aren’t willing to jump

  1. Susan Harris says:

    Robyn, WHAT A WOMAN! So glad our Father brought you to our arena!
    Good Word! Go for it, I’ve got your back! Praying for you Sweet Sister!

    Susan Harris

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