a photo’s not necessarily worth 1,000 words

lately i’ve become overwhelmed with the majesty of the Creator. his good ness and his creation is too big to wrap my mind around completely.

his world is too beautiful to capture.

here is the thing. i keep seeing things lately that take my breath away…

sunsets that defy color analysis.

smiles on faces that bring instant and wreckless joy.

lakes and rivers that sing their own anthem to the one who made them.

crowds of  hundreds or thousands in one accord and mind.

fabrics and clothing designs that are innovative, flattering and a favor to the bodies in them.

my mind almost hurts with my inability to capture in a single image (with my camera, or phone, with filters or no filters, with instagram, path… ), or find a single image that actually captures what the reality provides. it simply cannot be done. God’s masterpieces cannot be recreated by us. while frustrating, it is also supernatural and evidence of God. of course we can’t capture how big he is. we do the best we can. we pay homage to him as we create things and share them. we point to him and we pay tribute to his name… he allows us to be part of spreading his message and participating in his ad campaign… but at the end of the day, the reason we keep creating is because there is always more…

please know that i am loving trying to capture it. i’m loving writing his eternal story in as many ways as i possibly can. i love absorbing the photos of my favorite photographers and total immersion into the notes and chords of my favorite song writers. i love experiencing all that God has given us to show himself…

understand that i’m not saying there aren’t amazing photos… songs… experiences… there most assuredly are. i’m just saying that nothing competes with pure. raw. organic. God.

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