in a single word… worthy

i read  blog today that challenged readers to create a single focus for this year for my work. my communication. my relationships. my business(es). my blogging. my ministry.

so, at first i was thinking… how do you boil it down to one word?

then i gave commented:

“love this. intentional…
i’ll have to this about this type of one word filter.
how challenging, to try to narrow it down.

i’m thinking something like LOVE.
if it doesn’t point back to him who is Love…
if it isn’t written in Love…
if it doesn’t inspire others to love (art, people, the bible, etc)…
if it doesn’t reflect that I am loved eternally…

then it doesn’t go on the blog…

but maybe the word is something different. hm. gonna reflect on this and come back for more.”

SO…i’ve been thinking about this all day and wondering what word sums up all of the many things i’m involved with.

and while, i love love as much as the next guy, i think it might’ve been a bit of a cop out… too easy.

i decided my word is going to be WORTHY.

is this writing project worthy of taking time from my family to accomplish?

is this storytelling content worthy of the Christ of my Salvation?

is this blog post worth anyone’s time to read? is it worth my time to write it? is the idea important enough to request attention?

is this song worthy of a believer to sing and share with people?

are my intentions in friendship worthy?

are my business decisions in collaborations worthy endeavors, with greater consequence?

i have often talked about filters when sharing with others about philosophies and ways to make creative decisions. i’ll admit that i don’t usually limit myself to ONE filter…. but i really like the single-mindedness this allows. and simplification.

i’ve always made an effort not to write anything on this blog that wasn’t worth reading, but that is going to also be a focus i’ll extend to other areas of life.

i love ONE thing. do you have a single word? if not… you might want to think about it.

2 thoughts on “in a single word… worthy

  1. Susan Harris says:

    Well Worth the time Robyn!

    My word for 2012 is FOCUS…keeping my eyes on Jesus in all areas of my life…In Jesus name, I press on…

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