this bear’s seeing… possibly repeating, i mean retweeting.

perspectives… we all see things so differently. i saw a drawing of a teddy bear that i loved… but i couldnt justify buying something for myself the week before Christmas…

Then… it hit me, I live with an artist. My son is a brilliant artist. Anyway, I showed him the picture and asked if he thought he could draw something similar. Then… I remembered I had a teddy bear that was my grandather’s (so about 90-100 years old) that would be a perfect model.

Then… I remembered this print I had purchased on etsy, it was a bear holding a jam box over its head (a la John Cusack in Say Anything). It was printed on vintage dictionary pages

Then, I remembered (now bear with me, pun totally intended, I ‘m almost to my point)… so I remembered I had a very old copy of “Little Men”.

If you aren’t seeing how my mind can spin out in so many different directions, then you might be like me. If you are noticing it, then you might want to pray for God’s kindness to our new assistants as they learn how to help me…

but back to my point. I showed Quint all of these elements at one time, but I requested a drawing of the ancient teddy bear… he took all of it and put it together in this marvelous piece of art that I will treasure forever. Do you see how he found a page with the chapter title “UNCLE TEDDY”? Do you see how the body is just the upper portion? Not the whole body… like the drawing I showed him. The whole thing looks nothing like what I was expecting… and (unfortunately) at first, I was like… “ah, this is good, but do you think you could also do one with the whole body on a white piece of paper like the one I showed you?”

HOW COULD I!?!!! why… oh why… didn’t I recognize that my first response should’ve been humble gratefulness that he shared his talent with me, upon my request? Fortunately, God has been teaching me things swiftly…and I regrouped and have been falling more and  more in love with this bear. I love bears… and I love this one more than any other bear I’ve seen or pinned on pinterest. This is the lesson i learned: You see… my son took what I shared with him and made it his own. he gave me a glimpse of his personal perspective, the way that he sees things. and seeing things differently… I LOVE THAT. 

do you celebrate when you are able to see someone else’s point of view? not just with art… do you welcome differing opinions? do you look for the ways that we are unique creations in Christ? do you honor people because of who they are, rather than how much like you they are?

I want to respond with grateful humility when a new perspective is revealed to me… whoever, whenever, whatever.

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