hmmm…. very very pinteresting.

found this on ... so i could pin it.

i was having lunch with my friend, Tami Heim, this week and our conversation led to pinterest. If you aren’t familiar with this magical website yet, then … i’m sorry, and let me know, so i can invite you. (it’s an invitation only thing).

this site allows you to virtually pin any image you encounter online or have on your computer to a “board”. you are able to categorize, collect, share, comment… it’s great because once you pin something, it retains the ability to  click through to the origin site for the image. it replaces the need to bookmark a page just to go back to something you want to remember.

it also lets you see what other people love. you can learn a lot about your friends by seeing what quotes inspire them, what decor they consider “their style”. you are able to search for things in common with friends… im telling you, it’s magical.

this is the what i thought was interesting about our conversation, we both agreed that for us, pinterest is like dessert. we only allow ourselves to dabble in pinterest, and peruse boards, search for things to pin, once we’ve finished our official business on the computer. we allow ourselves to swim in the creative waters that collect there, only after we do all the dirty work.

two things i’ve been thinking about:

1 – since what we are doing is typically creative in nature… wouldn’t it make more sense to soak up the creativity on the front end of our processes? shouldn’t we start off inspired? shouldn’t we arm ourselves with a multitude of ideas and shared joy?

2 – it’s so helpful in relating to others to know what they like. and it’s so important to infuse ourselves with inspiration. connectivity and communication with others just makes life better.

people and sharing and art… are like dessert. the delight, the reward, the joy of life. don’t miss dessert.

WHAT THINGS DO YOU DO for yourself that you would consider DESSERT? Where do you get inspiration?

i pin. i read blogs. i listen to music.

what am i missing? what blogs do you read? what music do you listen to? and for the love of all that is good…. what are you pinning?!!!!

3 thoughts on “hmmm…. very very pinteresting.

  1. Tami Heim says:

    Okay – so from now on…
    We eat dessert first.
    We will practice on Monday.
    / Celebration ON!

  2. Susan Harris says:

    Two words…INVITE ME

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