i like to move it… move it…

God's kindness to Jackson. He allowed us to know Ben, who is teaching her to play a song that he wrote... and that is God's kindness to Ben.

so… if you are looking for a paint high, you should come by our building. we are in the process of moving.

to the other side of the building. and the smell is intense. i have opened the windows and turned on the fan…

and you know what – IT’S GORGEOUS OUTSIDE.

How I love God’s kindness in this. If it were rainy, snowy, stormy today… I would not be able to open up and get the fresh air.

Do you look for God’s kindness? In the seemingly small things? Do you make a conscious effort to see his love notes to you all over your day? Have you learned how to interpret the things that happen in your day, as acts of kindness and love to you?

consider this:

what if every time you folded a pair of jeans with grassstained knees, and placed them in the dresser in your childs room… they saw it as an affirmation of your love for them.

what if each meal lovingly prepared (or picked up from a drive thru) for the nourishment of your constantly hungry teenagers was viewed as a testament to your concern for their well being?

what if… (fill in the blank with an obvious example of something we do every day being translated and understood as a token of love or appreciation)…

YOU WOULD LOVE IT. I know I would. I would love it if my family and friends knew and acknowledge the things I do for them as evidence of my love for them.

THEREFORE…. shouldn’t I be sure to tell God that I see today’s weather as a kindness to me, I see the fact that I get to move into a freshly painted room as evidence that he loves me and cares for my wants and desires as well as my needs…

What have you missed until now, that you would consider God’s Kindness to you?

I even think the invention of Pinterest, in many ways, is God’s kindness to me… it allows me to organize some new ideas in my brain and spurs my creativity…. yum.


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