pinterest gave me something that twitter and facebook didn’t

i have a friendship that has been dormant, hibernating if you will, for quite a while.

though we’ve had each others numbers, connected on facebook and i tweet openly and often, in an effort to be highly accessible to anyone that might be wanting to connect.

it wasnt until the magic of a website that celebrates art, creation, and ultimately the Creator that we reconnected. i dont mean to beat a dead horse – but i’m talking again about pinterest. not because i’m trying to pimp it or get you to participate… but because that’s where it happened.

my friend and i tiptoed back toward each other… through comments on each others pins. while meandering through her virtual collection i was reminded of all of the ways i used to love her for her mind, ideas, perceptions, style and sense of awe in the creator. so i told her so. after several back and forth photo comments… i sent her a text.

we spent a good hour texting back and forth and in the meantime realized why we think it was pinterest that allowed this to happen. pinterest is about joy, and celebrating the Creator with all of the endless things he has put in this world for us to marvel over.

this is another thing i missed about her. spiritual revelations uncovered in unintentional conversation… pointing to, leading to, ending with, the God of the Universe.

art is healing and precious and speaks louder than words at times. as a writer that can frustrate me, at times, but this time it was the combination of art and words that caused a healing to begin… so grateful.

what do you need to see or experience to remind you of someone you have let time take away? go find it. it’s lovely to be reconnected.

notice that it took an action on our part. commenting. making an effort. reaching out. don’t cheat yourself out of something wonderful because of your unwillingness to say something you need to say.

2 thoughts on “pinterest gave me something that twitter and facebook didn’t

  1. Meghan says:

    Love this!!! xoxo

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