love languages… translated… and delivered

aimee brown

most of anyone that would read this blog, probably

kristen galuppi sisk

has heard of the 5 love languages. if you haven’t… it’s high time, friends.

my main love language (thing that makes me feel loved, so the thing i’m also most likely to give naturally) is quality time.

i have had several friends in the past year to understand this about me … and show me that they have translated this into actions.

today was a perfect example. i was going to meet my friend aimee brown for lunch. i had sent a message that said if we met at church i would have more time because we would have “in the car travel time”. but she had errands to run… so we were going to meet at the restaurant @saxdeli – the best!!.

that was the plan, until she called and said she would be picking me up and we would go from there. once we hit lunch she was telling a story about how she told someone about her birthday and that it meant so much to her that kristen (sisk) and i spent her birthday with pedicures and lunch… it was the time that meant so much. i said… is that why you picked me up today? (of course, she said yes, that was why)… it’s all about time – because that happens to be each of our love language. i reminded her of a time that she and kristen rode with me to another event instead of driving seperate cars to save time… for the same reason.

see… when i feel like someone is just trying to hurry up and get what they need or want from me, but ready to bolt as soon as they get it… it registers with me. it’s understandable, but it’s just how i interpret things internally. i value time. often, when i need to send a request type email i will sign off with “thank you for any time you spent on this, robyn” because i appreciate people’s time. alot.

i’m blessed today… by people that have taken time. there are so many, and i’m grateful. today i’m celebrating aimee and kristen… my accountability partners… and reveling in their willingness to speak to me in my love language.

you see… with love languages, its interesting because we tend to give the one we need, we don’t always give the one the other person needs. take some time today to evaluate the ones you love and figure out what they need from you … to make them feel loved. it’s not enough to just do the thing that means love to you. make sense?

Here they are:

physical touch, quality time, gifts, acts of service, words of affirmation.

think about the one you crave and one you give… and you will know what yours is…. then consider the people around you… what do they give? that’s probably theirs.

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