i wear my eternal-glasses at night… and day

i just wrote this in an email to deborah donaldson – my lead treehouse volunteer in the children’s ministry at our white house campus. “it is such a blessing to know that the details are being minded with someone that sees through “eternal-picture” lenses.”

that got me thinking. am i keeping on my eternal-picture glasses each day?

when i am writing a script – am i thinking eternally?

when i am choosing a song or figuring out how to get slides up or projectors to work – am i thinking eternally?

when i am talking to anyone… at anytime… about anything… am i wearing the right lenses? am i thinking about the eternal impact, or lack thereof, that i am making, or not making?

you see… the coolest thing about doing things for a church, or a ministry is that there is an automatic default in place that should gear everything toward eternal value… however, when i take off the “treehouse” hat – when i’m just hanging out with my kids, or meeting new people, or shopping at target… do i have an eternal focus? am i aware that everything i do or say has the potential to turn people to or turn people away from the one true God.

i will contend that God will do his will. He will do what he so desires. the real question is whether or not I will be part of it, allow myself to be used for his glory. am i making choices that are worthy of the one who Saved me from myself?

what about you? do you have an eternal-focused lens in place which guides your steps and choices? do you consider what you are doing and whether you are turning people to Him or away from Him? please do. please allow yourself to look through eternal lenses so that you are available to be part of the story to Christ for those you encounter.

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