you bettah be nice to people

 my cousins had a grandmother (who is now in heaven) that had a run-in with a rude drive-thru server about some biscuits…she cautioned her “YOU BETTAH BE NICE TO PEOPLE” in the most precious southern drawl… undergirded with the indignation of a thoroughly southern woman.  We laughed about this for years, and often admonished each other “you bettah be nice to people!”

But lately… I have been thinking how very true this is. The world, friends, is very very small. with each app, website, social networking opportunity… it becomes more and more true, that you bettah be nice to people.

if you are not. people will know it. they will remember it. they will tweet about it. they have so many ways to let people know that you… are not nice to people.

everyday i encounter people that know people that i know… and people that know people that they know… our lives are so entwined in so many ways that we don’t even realize. i mean, how often have you added someone on facebook and noticed that you have mutual friends that you didn’t even know about? or gone to your linkedin page to find surprising shared connections? before social media we would play the “who do you know that i know” verbal game… and now, it’s like that but on steroids.

given that all of this is true… i’m just saying… (in my best grace spinks voice in my head) You Bettah Be Nice to People!

my uncle tommy (interestingly, the son of the aforementioned southern lady) used to repeat the adage “people wont remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel”. true, is it not?

So… let’s just love each other. OK?

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8 thoughts on “you bettah be nice to people

  1. Kimberly Burleson says:

    This needs to be on a t-shirt!
    Omgosh-we need all her quotes on t-shirts!

  2. cblaikie says:

    this is so great!!! love the message……..happy to be reminded of this special lady and her southern charm!

  3. Susan Harris says:

    LOVE this Post…having been raised in the South all my life, I have to say Gracie and Uncle Tommy are so right!!!! You might add one my momma would say to me as I left the house, “Don’t you leave this house without your lipstick, you look like “death warmed over without it”! And I have to say, I do not leave the house without my lipstick to this day!!!! That’s how we roll …tongue firmly planted in cheek!!!

    Love your post and you!;o)

  4. I want a t-shirt just like your picture up above…same color and everything!!…..great post 🙂

  5. It’s good juju to be nice to people. Love your post. Thanks.

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