generosity killed the…

nobody. generosity does not cause harm. it brings good and grows love.

i have a friend, (insert generous link here) tami heim, who talks about being “digitally generous”. this of course means being willing to tweet, post, comment and share things that are important to others. If you retweet the link to someone else’s blog… this is digitally generous. if you follow someone back, or you follow them first without expecting anything in return… digitally generous. you get the picture. you can read more in her book: Stickyjesus.

but this idea got me thinking. and really the phrase itself is what kept coming back to me, because it’s a different way to say something. “digitally generous” it’s not something you hear all the time, it’s a newer phrase, like digital immigrant (people who came into the digital age) or digital natives (kids growing up in the digital age). but i was challenged by the idea of generosity.

and then really started considering what it means. and i have a question. are you TALENT GENEROUS? because some people really are. and some people really are not.

if you are a painter, are you willing to share your methods and info about your favorite brushes, brands of paint and paper, are you willing to spend time with someone that is also interested, but not as accomplished… to share what you know?

if you sew, do you take the time to teach someone how to cut out a pattern without wasting material, or share with them the best place to get the best prices on fabric.

if you write scripts, are you willing to share the process and gently guide someone else through the steps? will you take the time to go through drafts of something so they can learn too, and multiply your influence? (like jason vaile)

if you are a song writer, are you willing to share a co-writing title? are you willing to teach the things you’ve learned in the process to others who are interested, but haven’t yet written a word?

if you are a singer, are you willing to share the stage with someone? are you willing to do a duet where you could’ve had a solo? are you willing to give up your solo so that someone has a chance to sing?

if you are a photographer, will you spend time training and mentoring other photographers? will you teach them your photoshop tricks and time saving methods. will you introduce them to your suppliers, so they can share in that relationship? (like david edmonson)

if you are a doctor, do you gladly give on the spot answers to medical questions when you encounter friends? do you kindly share your knowledge if the time and situation allow? (like Jason Kastner)

i have known both types of people in all of these categories. and i have been both types of people at different times. i’m realizing that the ones that i know that are generous with their talents… in  most cases happen to also be those that are most successful… and when i have been generous with my talents it has given me more than i gave.

when it comes to things. time. and even talents. hebrews 13:16: share what you have.

One thought on “generosity killed the…

  1. Johnb423 says:

    weblog. Loads of gratitude sharing. gceeecakeded

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