kindness… where to look for it.

should i go ahead and answer that? ok. i will. i’ve never been good at keeping good news to myself.

kindness… where to look for it… EVERYWHERE.

do you do that? i’m talking about God’s kindness to you. Do you look for the ways he shows you His kindness?

god was kind to us when we moved to tennessee… in so many ways.

he is kind to me every day when my kids get home safely. he is kind to give me friends to share life with.

today he was kind to me in a funny way… he turned a facebook chat into a tutorial so that i could share this blog even more efficiently. thanks you meghan, for being God’s kindness to me today. it’s something i had been wanting to do, but wasn’t sure the best way to go forward.

he shows kindness to us with the people he allows into our kids’ lives. those who teach and instruct … in music… in discipleship… in living for Him. (gerald trottman, jason dyba, shane sisk, ben eggebrecht) … you are evidence of God’s kindness to my kids… and me.

my treehouse friends… you are God’s weekly kindness to me.

getting to live in the south – Gods kindness to me

getting work in the things that i love, writing, creating, designing – god’s kindness to me

his kindness is everywhere every day in so many ways… don’t miss it.

next time you get a good parking spot, think of it as God’s kindness to you… what are his kindnesses to you today?

4 thoughts on “kindness… where to look for it.

  1. Great thoughts! …And a great reminder. He is sooo kind.

  2. Tami Heim says:

    Just when I didn’t think it was possible to love you anymore – POOF – my heart expands and love for you rushes in to fill it. Just saying.

  3. Meghan says:

    Aww this brightened my day. You are a doll!

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