what a huge surprise today…

several weeks ago we got information about an event with DavidCCook publishers that was going to be put on today at Belmont Church. Called Family ministry conversations. Jason and I decided to go, but had no idea how WORTH it it would be. I’m sure we thought it would be primarily a sales thing … I couldnt be more glad that we went.

My friend Loren from Blue Grass Baptist also was going, so we went together. I firmly believe that if you can arrange to use transportation time as relationship investment time YOU SHOULD. so, basically we rode together so we could catch up.

Kwan (Porter) and Kit (Rae) were leading the conversations. They shared the vision that they apply to their ministries and the way that they are teaching kids about God’s story and walking alongside parents… getting parents to stand up and take charge in the spiritual enrichment of their own kids. but even more than that… we talked. we shared. we listened. we prayed. we investigated ourselves. we met others and were able to bless them. a bunch of kids ministers from nashville and even some from other places (roanoke, va… really?!)… hanging out together and learning ….

so one major lesson: CHRIST FORMED IN YOU. as usual. my notes didnt look like most people’s notes. (the lady beside me was so interested in watching me draw my notes, that she asked me to doodle something for her when i was giving her my contact info.)


here is the thing. you just never know what is around the corner. i had no idea that i would meet people today that i would want to learn from and take some things and apply them to the treehouse… it was a beautiful surprise.

last special surprise… met Don Pape … and we share some very special friends  so it was fun to talk about that.

all in all… what a blessing.

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2 thoughts on “what a huge surprise today…

  1. Susan Harris says:

    Love the post! Especially your artwork…can so see that on a t-shirt, or letterhead, or even as a tattoo (I can’t believe I said that!) The message is so clear, “Christ in you”!
    Thank you for letting your Light so SHINE!!!


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