you’ll wanna take the time…

another cool thing that we talked about at yesterday’s davidccook event …

response time.

this is an element that kwan and kit put into their TRU curriculum, it is a quiet time in the midst of the sunday morning bible study time that is set aside to allow kids to hear from God. it is 2 minutes set aside for kids to be quiet and ask God a question like “God, who would you like me to be more loving to this week?” or something like that…

the real stories they told of what happened when kids were given time to hear from God… and the Holy Spirit was trusted to do his job as TEACHER were wonderful.

and it reminded me of 1 thing, and informed me of another thing.

the 1 thing: i wrote a 3-year bible study for preschoolers with some friends, it was called Tim’s Tots. (timothy was one of the first second generation Christians in the Bible, and he was taught by his mother and grandmother… like kids who are brought to mid-week bible studies). it is a 2.5 hour program with all of the usual  elements, but one of those elements was “QUIET TIME” … not to be confused by nap time, quiet time was a directed time of silence where they took 2-3 minutes to be quiet with God. we were trying to instill a reverence for the importance of setting time aside for God each day. trying to create a pattern for life. so… if i knew that was important when creating Tim’s Tots… wonder why I haven’t kept that element in the rest of the things i have written and designed since then?

so this informed me … that we need to do that. we need to teach them to set aside time to listen. and personally… it is important for me to create “response time” after things that i’ve learned. things that the Holy Spirit wants to teach me. it’s one thing to have a quiet time and devotion each day… but what about those moments after you experience a new worship song or hear a sermon … do you give yourself response time? have i given myself response time? i haven’t been deliberate about quiet time in the midst of activity… i wonder what lessons i’ve missed that the holy spirit wanted to teach me in the thick of things?


4 thoughts on “you’ll wanna take the time…

  1. Yed A. says:

    Lord willing, very soon, there’ll be an app for that…

  2. Dyann Jones says:

    Robin you are right on with this. I, 2, lack the Discipline To carve out response time. Life happens, And then the revelation get stale. I also absolutely love the Concept of a couple of minutes of quiet time for the kids during or at the end of worship time. I believe response time is 1 of the things that is not talked about in church that should be. Great word!

  3. the responses: (what God put on their hearts when they asked him how He wanted them to show love this week.)
    one kid said “be respectful”
    one said: “to pray”
    one said: “to write a love note to my mom”

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