i’m expecting…

expecting the Holy Spirit to show up and teach. and he is.

remember how i talked about response time? … i tried something this weekend in treehouse. after worshipping together and sharing the bible story… i asked the kidz to bow their heads and that we were going to be silent and ask God a question… then we would wait… (90 seconds) and see if he put anything on anyone’s heart.

this was nervewracking… and expectant… i was expecting the holy spirit to show up and teach, really ingrain the lesson into their hearts and minds… and i was scared. i don’t know why… but what if he didn’t answer? what if they didn’t hear from him? Kwan, warned that this would be the fear.

before you say anything… i know, i know, i’m supposed to have faith and trust. i work at a church for crying out loud. i spend hours thinking of ways to tell the eternal story in as many ways as i possibly can. that’s literally my job. so… why was i afraid?

because we want the holy spirit to work in our own lives, and many times trust him to do just that… but then… we want to BE THE HOLY SPIRIT for others. we want to tell them what God wants for them, we think we can interpret God’s will for someone else’s life for them instead of letting them have their own response time. 

again, here i am, right this second, learning something new, just by trying to share something i thought i knew. thanks for learning with me.

i would encourage you to spend time letting the holy spirit teach you… and then implore you to give him the time to teach those you influence. it was a magical moment to see them really listen… with no background music… to see if God had put anything special on their hearts.

the question was: God, what do you want me to do this week to show your love?

some of the answers from 2nd graders: “be respectful”    “make a love note for my mom”   “pray”

i’d say the holy spirit showed up… and did the teaching. woot!!!!

11 thoughts on “i’m expecting…

  1. Meghan says:

    You’re amazing….

  2. thanks so much for reading… and sharing… i think you are adorable too :)…

  3. Sherry M. says:

    I love that. It’s kind of funny and sad at the same time that we believers are sometimes so shocked when the Holy Spirit shows up, answers a prayer, guides us… lol It’s what we asked or wanted, right? Our faith is so small at times. Thanks for this reminder. Found you through Tuckers Take Tennessee… Also, love your blog name. Mine is called he{art}… =)

  4. Karen says:

    Thanks Robyn. Love your spirit and thankful for your “heArt” and how God is using you!

  5. Susan Harris says:

    He will never leave you or forsake you…Grateful He’s Faithful and True! Great Post!

  6. Petrina kent says:

    Hi there, I loved your blog… It’s fresh, and exciting to hear how you encouraged those kids to lock into God’s voice… Be encouraged sis:)

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