write here. write now. write on…

recently i’ve been caught up with the idea of writing songs. mostly because i want new songs for things…. and i was wondering why so many song writers were hesitant to want to co-write… until i had this really helpful conversation yesterday with ben.

the week before i had been talking about the idea of wanting to write songs, because i wanted a song that had a specific message in it … and wasn’t understanding why some of my inquiries had been shot down… but yesterday we were talking about writing in general.

ben is about to release a new song and he’s excited, but it’s been awhile since he released a new song so he’s anxious. a little bit. (he needn’t be… it’s a ridculously good song). anyway, in discussing how it can be nervewracking to reveal something you’ve been working on… this led to him talking about co-writing. when we talked about co-writing he mentioned how it’s difficult to co-write sometimes because you have to give up some of the control and sometimes it’s not EXACTLY how you wanted it. this made me think about scripts, stories… the things that i usually write. and i realized…i don’t really like to co-write either. not all the time, anyway.

i’d typically rather share in brainstorming and then one or the other person write the thing out. now, it makes sense to me… why certain songwriters dont want to give up the control or risk having to accept ideas into their work that they may not really want… with an untried, unproven writer. i don’t either! this was a very important lesson for me… humbling, and freeing at the same time.

now, sometimes you find your perfect writing partner… and that is why so many co-writers write so many things together… once you find one, that you trust. you will write with them any time. any thing. (my favorite co-writer is Jason Vaile. and i am grateful to have built a couple of great writing teams… wright’s direction team-book of destiny-ishine knect and currently lhkidz company of heartists).

i think because i have had great co-writers i didnt understand what i was asking when i wanted to write a song.

with that being said… i’ve co-written one song, that i’m waiting to see what happens. and am working on another. and once they are in a format that you can hear them… you will be the first to know.

i’m grateful for this realization and parallel. i love when you learn something while you are in a conversation with someone. that’s the best. thanks ben.

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2 thoughts on “write here. write now. write on…

  1. Petina Kent says:

    Hi again,
    Your blog made me think, is it Worship songs I wondered? That’s by the way, what happens when I write a poem, play my violin and paint is that I am led by the Holy Spirit, so in fact that is co writing- this would also be happening as you co write your songs, the Holy Spirit would be working in the other person too, a sort of team work!
    I personally struggle with the whole issue of ‘team’ as, being an artist requires a certain amount of idividuality- however, this can’t be the case in Church, so I have had to think it through and concluded that the Holy Spirit binds us together in love and then anything is possible!
    God is so good. Have you tried singing in the Spirit and recording it- God is such an intruiging song writer!!
    Blessings to you sis.

    • it’s not so much worship songs, as it is story songs that come out of a heart for people. co-writing with God… the HOly Spirit… sounds like a dream team. i agree with you anything is possible… and that there is a time for a team, and there is a time for individual work (with the realization that there is no such thing as individual from God, but rather with him.). i have not tried singing in the spirit and recording it.. that would be quite intriguing 🙂

      thanks so much for reading! and sharing. that’s what makes it really fun. to learn alongside other people.

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