@simplemom came to Blissdom 2012 … and i drew/wrote about it.

more of @simplemom Tish Oxenreiderpage three of @simplemom notes from Blissdom

@simplemom tish delivers the goods at blissdom

so… @simplemom Tish Oxenreider spoke at Blissdom 2012. she had so much good information and even better good advice to share.

i knew this… but it’s always good to hear from an expert: QUALITY is number one. If your writing in QUALITY then people will want to read it. This requires time, and a passion to learn what quality means.

She talked about delegating things to people that are stronger in areas that you are not as strong. (for me… that means, i have an assistant that excels at organization and keeping track of details.) this also means sharing that if you want to grow the scope of your blog, you need to let other people write about the things that they know more about… and stick to your areas of passion and knowledge.

this was the most poignant thing i think she said: your blog is only as good as your marriage. even at face value, that is a great reminder… but if you look at all the implications it goes even further. basically, don’t let your online interaction and efforts overtake your personal and social interactions. don’t let a story about your kids take the place of actually spending time with them. don’t let your desire for a compelling kid-pic take the place of being in the  photo with your kid. and be willing to put the instragram aside, if need be, to make sure that your family unit comes first. don’t merely live out your life online if you aren’t living your life out loud, and outside.

other practical things:

learn all you can, she says she scoured problogger.com for pointers before she started.

write, even when you don’t feel like it. it doesnt mean you have to publish everything you write, but never stop writing.

write in advance. in order to take a break or vacation, or publish when you dont’ feel like it, you should have some posts in the bag…

keep your voice. they want to know you. your writing should express who you are. people will want to read about who you really are, real things that happen and that you learn.

prepare to work more. you need to know ahead of time, if you are going to really make a go at the blogging thing it will take work and time.

wider is better than tall. 

white space is your friend.

increase line height.

write in your element. write about the things that you really know about.

edit. leave time for editing. people don’t read blogs, they skim them.

especially in writing, design matters.

have an awesome about me page.

you have 4 seconds. beautiful words without beautiful wrapping won’t get read.

i think all of this applies to more than blogging… it applies to life.

these are simple, imagine that, concrete ways to begin to craft your blog and frame your content so that people will have the best chance to go on the journey with you. personally, i’m trying to determine what the primary goal of this blog is. i know why i started it, and it’s been interesting to be asked “what is your blog about?” because it caused me to ask myself that question. i’m still figuring that out. but this is what i think it is right now:

the place where i share the lessons i’m learning each day, and the way they affect me as an artist. i know that artists interpret things a little differently than people that dont consider themselves artists. i hope the interpretations will speak to the creative sides of people (because all people are creative… we are made in the image of the creator of the universe). and i hope the lessons i’m learning are worthy lessons for all of us… that’s why i’m sharing.

plus… it’s just so fun. and i love to write. so much. i write so many things in a given week for other purposes. this is for the purpose of learning together.

what other blogs do you read to learn things? put their links here. i’d love to know what inspires you.

13 thoughts on “@simplemom came to Blissdom 2012 … and i drew/wrote about it.

  1. crinkled says:

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    I follow a number of blogs, but my favourites are probably…

    Simple Mom (http://simplemom.net/), which is how I found you. I follow her for tips on simplifying my life.

    Pink Penguin (http://ayumills.blogspot.com.au/) for her amazing creativity. I find it inspiring.

    Smashed Peas and Carrots (http://smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.com.au/) for sharing her craftiness, with lots of how-to’s, great recipes, and plenty of ideas for fun things to do with your kids.

    Lempo Bee (http://lempobee.blogspot.com.au/) for sharing her crafty life as mother.

    I feel like I can relate and learn from these blogs and I hope you will enjoy browsing them, too.

  2. Toni Arends says:

    This is one of my favorite blogs: http://wekeepitsunny.blogspot.com/search/label/Mommy%20Stories
    Her drawings are so cute! Her stories about being a new mom are so true and hilarious, and now we can also follow her adoption story as they get ready to adopt a baby! Check it out!!

  3. Tresta says:

    I’m inspired by http://thenester.com, simplemom of course, http://aholyexperience.com, http://studyinbrown.com, and now you. I love lovely thoughts, photos, ideas.
    Thank you for inspiring creativity! I have a blank sketchbook, and now I know what to do with it.

    • oh… there is nothing better than a blank sketchbook! i’m so excited for you!!
      thanks for sharing those blogs, i will check them out… as well as yours…

    • i just went to http://aholyexperience.com – i actually saw her speak at a STORY conference last fall in chicago… spellbinding voice and wonderful insights! so glad you pointed me to her blog!

      • Tresta says:

        yes, she’s wonderful. Highly recommend her book, too – 1000 Gifts.
        BTW, I’m scribbling through my current journal, trying to fill it up so I can start on my new blank sketchbook…is that silly?! I’ve always “dreamed” about being creative, but I feel like I’m finally giving myself permission to be. Appreciate what you said, I believe on your ‘About’ page, that we were made in the image of the Creator. Why wouldn’t we be creative? Things I’ve known, but appreciate hearing from others.

      • ha. that is soooo awesome. i love that you are feeling like you need to fill up your book to move on to the next. that’s funny. i have three that i have going right now… i just emailed you a photo of the madness! i bet you are organized. man, i wish i was a creative organizer… alas.

        i’m really glad that you are embracing your creativity. it’s so freeing… and so freaking fun.

  4. Thanks for this – great tips to take away and ponder! You are so fortunate to have so many interesting blogging conferences to attend. I live in South Africa so it is not an option to go!! So thank you for sharing your insights!

    • you are so welcome. and thanks for reading. you are right, we are very blessed… the great thing about blogging, though, is that you can almost be there as part of it… thanks for sharing. what’s one of your favorite blogs to read?

  5. Sleeping Mom says:

    I’m learning so much about blogging myself. I absolutely agree that editing takes up more time than the actual writing. I also love the advice of knowing the purpose of your blog. Earlier I wrote in the blog as a sort of journal that a few family and friends can read. Now my topics tend to cater to a wider audience of parents while still interweaving the lessons I’ve learned and my day-to-day moments.

    • its so hard sometimes to find the right balance between writing to an audience and sharing with specifics… i totally love sharing the lessons and hearing other people’s applications of them. thanks so much for commenting. i cant wait to check out your blog!

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