wanna hear something funny?

(insert really gorgeous laughing photo here)

i mean, not funny haha, but funny like WHOA.

when i’m going for funny hahah i usually try to outsource that to my friend jason vaile. 😉

so… we started this new thing in treehouse a few weeks ago where we give kids a question to ask God. then we give them 90 seconds of silence to listen and see if he replies.

this week we talked about heaven being a real place. then the question we asked God “who do you want me to tell about heaven this week”?

while i spent my 90 seconds God gave me a name.

this was my internal response… “what? i dont even like her. and besides, how am i going to talk to her about this? i dont even see her anymore… am i supposed to make an appointment? ‘uh, hey there, i dont ever really talk to you… but by the way… just wanted to chat a little bit about heaven’…”

when the 90 seconds were over, i asked everyone to raise their heads and share who was put on their heart. a few of them answered… it was sweet. then i told them about what God told me. i told them that it was someone i dont even really like that much and that i have no reason to see or run into. a 5th grader said “well, so are you going to tell her tomorrow?!” boom. i said, “maybe not tomorrow but ask me next sunday… and we’ll see what happens”… thinking to myself, hm, now i have to do it! but how?

i woke up and thought, hm….

then i got an email.

from this person.

asking a group of people for a favor and if we would be willing to drive on a field trip… with this person.


i called alex and said, i guess i’m driving on a field trip on thursday.

has anything like that happened to you recently?

have you taken the time to listen… after you’ve read or learned?

i’ll let you know what happens.


6 thoughts on “wanna hear something funny?

  1. Tresta says:

    That is funny – and so like God! All He asks sometimes is that we be available : ) And don’t we believe that He is big enough to make those things happen? Bet that little girl prayed for you to be able to talk to this person. I’ll be praying for the open doors on Thursday

    • i know, right?! ha. thanks. it’ll be interesting to see how it shakes out.

      my mom read the blog and thought that i was saying that it was a 5th grader that i didn’t like… i want to clarify that it was not a 5th grader (i’m quite fond of those!) … it was a woman.

  2. Petrina kent says:

    You can just hear God giggling in heaven!

  3. Susan Harris says:

    Praying for your Thursday Divine appointment Robyn, may your words be filled with salt and light! To Obey is better than sacrifice…love you!

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