on a mission from God

the team.

we’ve just finished our first day in haiti.
we left this morning at 6am… got here this afternoon and after dropping off our stuff… we couldn’t wait to see the kids.
when we landed in port au prince and started driving through the city to the next airport, i was struck by something…
it was crowded, broken down, trash here and there, dirty… but i thought it was beautiful. because there were palm trees.
palm trees=childhood=home. but it also looked terrible.
this made me think of God… and us.
we have so much stuff in our lives, so much rubble, junk, things we cling too, ditches, broken down-ness: yet GOD … thinks we are beautiful. He sees us as his treasure. like the palm trees in the middle of port au prince.
then… we rode on a smaller plane to get to Jeremie.
as we looked out to watch for the orphanage, we talked about what a beautiful place Haiti is.
He said that it’s a beautiful place, without any infrastructure, so they can’t grow and get past their impoverished state.
That made me think about how true that is of us… no matter what you look like on the outside, without any infrastructure (or infra-scripture) we will become and impoverished and ailing state.
We spent two hours-ish hanging with the kids. They were thrilled to see us and reaching out wild abandon for any shred of love we were willing to share. Do we ever seek God’s love that desperately, I wonder?
There will be way more to say and share about these kids as the week goes on.
We are safe. sound. sleepy. and totally stoked to be in Haiti, for a time such as this.

3 thoughts on “on a mission from God

  1. Susan Harris says:

    THANKFUL YOU ARE THERE SAFE AND SOUND! Also thankful that we get to “see” Haiti through your “HeArtist” eyes in the days to come…God’s Blessings and PEACE as you rest tonight, may He fill you with His Love and Grace, and energize
    you in your inner woman. Praying for the team, may God surround y’all with His Angels with drawn swords as you go In Jesus name…hank you for giving to the LORD!


  2. loren says:

    So excited to see how God is going to use this trip for you. Can’t wait to read all your updates and hear about it when you get home!

  3. Alicia Horst says:

    So glad you made it safe and sound! Praying that God will provide for your every need and that the kids hearts will be wide open to the love that you are bringing to them!! Take care!

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