Painting. I love it.

today we got to do one of my favorite things. PAINT. and because the team is so kind, they let me paint a heart on two of the walls.

SCORE… the kids said it was “BEL” (beautiful). it’s so amazing how gracious and warm they are. and open with their encouraging and loving words and hugs.

are we like that? are we open with our encouraging and loving words and hugs? do we find ways to tell people what they mean to us?

today i learned 3 words, so that i could say them to the kids that have been hanging out with me the most. ritchi and louna. they are never far away.

today i got to look in their faces and tell them this: you are good. you are intelligent. you are important.

then we had our first organized bible school experience with them. we talked about Loving 1 Another. It’s funny, because in many ways, they should be teaching us the lesson.

They sang their little hatian hearts out. they listened to the story of david and jonathan, and how david went looking for away to remember his good friend… finding the crippled mephibosheth to take into his home. And they laughed with us when we displayed acts that are and aren’t love, and had them say which one. falling down is funny in any language, apparently. 🙂 they wrote letters to bring back to long hollow. then they mobbed us when it was snacktime… this is less disconcerting to me than most, perhaps its my kidmin training kicking in… but it’s still pretty wild. tonite we are heading back to watch NARNIA with them… they keep saying “pita… Alsan?” (later… Aslan?) good times.

you know, i really wanted to go to the beach for spring break… just didn’t know it was going to be a view from a guest house that i’m staying at…and viewing each morning and night between visits to the orphanage. and i really didn’t know how wonderful it was going to be.

What are the best ways you know of to show love?

One thought on “Painting. I love it.

  1. Susan Harris says:

    I try to be a good listener and encourager to show my love, everybody needs an “atta-girl, an atta-boy” as the “song” goes… Robyn, I continue to pray for you and the team and especially the children. May God continue to show Himself to you in AWESOME WAYS as you are HIS hands and feet this week!!!

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