this is where it gets interesting…

this is where it gets interesting…

elicia and all the love that goes with her.

so. today we talked about loving your enemies with the orphans.

we sang some songs about love.

we acted out and narrated the story of the good samaritan.

we did some application vignettes…

this is where it gets interesting.

you see, about a month ago we implemented a “quiet time” in treehouse, where kids are given 60-90 seconds to pray and ask God a question, and then to share if anything was put on their heart.

i thought it would be a good thing to do for the time with our orphans in Jeremie… ask them to ask God something…

but i think this got lost in translation.

when i asked them to bow their heads and ask God “who is my enemy that I should love this week?

one kid stood up and started pointing fingers and naming names. she pointed and yelled “LOUNA…. FALINE…..”

first of all HILARIOUS!!!!!

secondly, i thought, boom there it is. what if people always knew where they really stood with us?

do we communicate as clearly and efficiently as Elicia did?

no one has to wonder what she’s thinking. do they have to wonder about you?

i’m not saying go call out your enemies, i just know God used that experience to remind me how important it is to share…

and oh. man. it was so funny. i wish you could’ve been there.

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4 thoughts on “this is where it gets interesting…

  1. aroadhome says:

    This. Does not surprise me. Wish I were there!

  2. Susan Harris says:

    Did Louna and Faline recognize the need to seek forgiveness for their wrong doings toward Elicia? Did Elicia forgive them? “This is where it gets interesting” to this “old teacher”…So thankful for the hard work y’all are doing in Haiti, praying for you all;0)

    • the funny thing is… elician (i spelled it wrong in the post and will have to edit later) was more likely in the wrong… and she is a funny funny wild little girl. she would’ve been doing it for effect. anyway… we talked about loving your enemies… and made it through. oh… but it was funny.

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