oh… you wanna peace of me?


well.. i got home last night. took a very warm shower. holla! and hallelujah! 

and today i realize i feel. i feel fuller. i feel sad. i feel happy. i just feel alot.

gerald said that the orphans unlock something in you that you didn’t know existed.

i agree. 

here’s the thing though… what i really feel is peace.

first of all… -peace is always my friend, because i know my eternity is secure.

but in addition to that… i feel peace about louna… love… richi… obu… robenson… clevins… and all of them.

•the kids i met are in good hands. they have been loved hard by my long hollow friends before i got there, and they will be loved hard by my long hollow friends that will continue to go be with them.

•my kids here are excited to hear all about each thing and are longing to meet the group that “picked me”.

•pastor dony has a plan … for the future of the kids we love.

•i have prayer. i know these kids are more prayed for than any other group of kids i can think of. a whole church worth of people… 

you know… this peace… it applies to everything.

we have access to eternal peace because of the promise of salvation,

and we have daily peace because of the vehicle of prayer we have been given.

choose peace today about something difficult.

trust me… it beats the heck out of chaos and stress.


One thought on “oh… you wanna peace of me?

  1. Susan Harris says:

    So glad the Prince of Peace has filled you to overflowing with THE Peace that passes Understanding…thank you for sharing your journey!!! Atta-Girl!

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