what eminem and blaikie have in common.

“so… i guess we have more than one person in a rap group in this family”

this is what blaikie said to me today after school.

her brother is in a rap group called “cold cut homies

i asked her what she meant.

she said that her friend “andrew page asked me to be in his rap group today.”

i said “really? who else is in the group?”

she said “just me and andrew”.

alrighty then.

you know what’s great about this?

i’ve given a “lecture” to college freshman at samford for the last couple of years about this very thing.


if someone invites you to do something new and creative… don’t miss the opportunity, just because its something you haven’t ever done before… jump at it.

and that’s what she did… that’s what we should all be willing and ready for.

so look out for li’l blaikie and her dope rhymes…coming soon, i’m sure of it.


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