hungry for hunger games?

hunger games movie

tonite i’m going to a movie at 12:05 am with my son. i haven’t read the book…and i am not chomping at the bit to see the movie… but what i am chomping at the bit to do… hang with my teenage son.

i won’t miss this chance to share this with him.

yesterday, i almost gave away my ticket… the thought of being at the movies until 2:30 wasnt’ doing it for me… but then what my friend said really resonated.

my friend jamie said she wanted to go to have the experience with her son.

my other friend mitzi talked about going today with her son because they had both read the books and wanted to talk about it with him.

close call. i almost missed out. i almost gave up a chance to share something with my teenager. stupid stupid stupid.

whew. that was a close one…

now, i’ll go take a nap so that i ‘m ready for the big night.

what are you going to do today that is inconvenient for you… but crucial for your kid?


One thought on “hungry for hunger games?

  1. Susan Harris says:

    Atta-Girl Robyn! Love you and your transparency!


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