hunger games and Jesus

so glad i went to the movie with my boy. and his friends. and their moms… who are conveniently some of my favorite people too. i love that it worked out like that.

me and @quintythepooh

hunger games… i haven’t read the books, so forgive me if i missed something… but here was my first run. first impression. take away…

the main character takes the place of her sister, who would face uncertain death.

she enters the “games” without the intent of the other players… to destroy and kill and be the victor… no, our heroin helps other players, and causes an entire change to the game. because of her spirit… she actually preserves the life of another team member.

sound like anyone else you know?

think about it…

i’ll tell you. it made me think of Christ. it  made me think about a savior who volunteered to take my place, so that i would not face certain death. a savior who played the game differently than anyone else in all of history… which resulted in saved lives. the remnant. so 2 out of 24 lived… instead of just one. and he didn’t take lives unnecessarily to result in his ultimate victory.

he took our place. he volunteered to take our place, when we would’ve faced certain death. for eternity.

he brought us into victory with him. he preserved a place for us. if we would only follow him.


right?! just wow.

so glad i saw the hunger games with my boy.

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2 thoughts on “hunger games and Jesus

  1. ~jOyce says:

    Wow, that’s an excellent perspective. I read the book and never even thought about it that way. Thanks for the enlightening post!

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