dodgeball and jesus… what’s up with that?

i saw a tweet today that said “i don’t know what dodgeball has to do with church.

i had to laugh. because if someone doesn’t see how a dodgeball tournament that brings 2500 students from all over the county and surrounding areas to church… to hear about jesus and hang out with their friends… then they haven’t been to my church.

dodgeball tournament at long hollow, @lhstudents

you see, students are a huge deal at long hollow. they are celebrated. considered. thought about. prayed for. fed. loved. we bend over backwards and any which way to find ways to bring kids to church. church is a place that is safe. church is a place where you can find help. church is a place where you can have fun. Jesus is not boring, he gives life and freedom.

our student team loves kids. they go to games and plays and banquets and … well, let’s just say that if there are students there, our student team is there too. they are involved and engaged in the lives of teens everywhere. this is great. and important.

to me… it’s crucial. you see, i have two kids in this ministry. and i have one more that will be joining them in a couple of months. so 3 of my 4 children are in their hands.

my oldest said it best when he told me recently “this has been the best two years of my life”. he knows that he is valued and important to the people in his church. HIS CHURCH… not just my church that i make him attend, but HIS CHURCH. and HIS FRIENDS… not just the kids of my friends.

yes, long hollow student ministry has given my kids a place that they will never forget. they will carry in their hearts and memories as they become adults and make their own decisions about how they want to live their lives. they have been given a foundation of truth, that is reiterated every day. for that, i’m eternally grateful.

that’s what dodgeball has to do with church.

sidenote: my 7th grader’s team #simplyswag won the junior high girls tournament. it was a sweet victory. hashtag awesome.

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