i’ve died and gone to heaven.

actually… i haven’t.

pantone cards and markers

normally, this is the kind of things that would make me say "i've died and gone to heaven"

phillip randoll did.

if you were at my church this sunday, then you know…

if you were not, and you want to know you can check it out here: https://vimeo.com/39998177

i ask you… who has an easter service that starts with death? we do, that’s who.

you know, lots of people go to church on just christmas and easter… so it’s possible that they have only encountered two of the stories in the entire bible. TWO! while, we can all agree that they are the two most crucial things that have ever happened… christ was born… christ died and rose again defeating death.

but the bible is about so much more. and the picture is so much bigger. it is huge.

that’s what we chose to show at my church this week.

to show that a life lived for christ has an eternal impact. that every second counts. every word. every decision. every second.

as our pastor, David Landrith, stood and shared, there was a descending ticker behind him on the screen… counting down the seconds of his life (if he were to live to age 80). WOW. it was powerful.

then to see the ripple effect of philip randoll’s life. his choice to

say yes to jesus

to become a prayer warrior to friends

to have a godly marriage

to evangelize his community

to take his family to another country to start a church.

the evidence of his life lived for Christ … that’s the kind of evidence i want to leave behind when i am gone.

when i have died and gone to heaven… i want to have left evidence of a life lived for Christ.

what do you want to leave behind when you’ve died and gone to heaven?


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One thought on “i’ve died and gone to heaven.

  1. this project was a @jasondyba original… amazing creative.

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