give the love you need

what if we really did that?

gave someone the amount of love that we actually need…

or gave the forgiveness that we actually need…

or gave the grace that we actually need…

that’s alot of love, forgiveness and grace. it’s ALOT.

have you ever needed forgiveness? think about that.

if we actually gave the amount we require… INFINITE AMOUNTS… we would love hard, forgive quickly and extend grace lavishly.

yeah. i wanna do that.

because you know what? when you are quick to love, forgive and extend grace… it will fill people up. it will encourage love. it will change lives. most importantly, it will change your life.

what do you need today that you can give instead?

i believe that if you give it you will get it. might sound a little like karma, but it’s really more about reaping and sowing.

give what you need… and i suspect it will be more than you would’ve given otherwise. speaking from personal experience, of course.

this isn’t going to be easy. it isn’t something cute and fun to put on a bracelet. this is a true filter. a way to see things. a way to think. a way to consider our actions.

this concept is captivating me right now … and humbling me. because i need a lot of all of this.


2 thoughts on “give the love you need

  1. Chrystal says:

    Wow, this really grabbed me today. I definitely want to become “more” than I am right now, to BE what God created me to be, hence my blog’s name. 🙂 I sometimes feel quite selfish…yes, it DOES sound a little challenging or at least something to be very intentional about. Thanks.

  2. i know, right?!
    thanks for reading. i hope this thought captivates you like it has me… it gives you an eternal filter to look through.

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