my face hurts…

from smiling so much.

i spent today

first…creative meeting about the next season of ISHINE KNECT, the series i get to help write for Bema Media that airs on TBN.

secondly… i got to take engagement photos of the yummiest couple. it started at FIDO (a favorite for coffee), then to the lawn at VANDY (my favorite place to go in nashville), then to percy warner park ( a new favorite that they introduced me to).

they were so so sweet. they were so kind to each other. so gracious to me. and just so…

i pray that they will have a marriage wrapped in joy and graciousness to each other. that’s certainly how they treat each other now. it’s pretty magical.

then i came home to edit the photos and i relived the experience again. that’s why my face hurts, because as i looked at the 1500 pictures that we took today, the smiles and kisses and tender caresses were a living breathing part of who they are as a couple. i asked him at one point, “do you always kiss her on the head like that?” they both answered “yes” … i asked, is this awkward for you? “no, it’s who we are anyway”.

i never had to ask him to show tenderness, it was his go to when dealing with his future bride. i never had to say, act like you love him… because her face was enraptured everytime she looked at him. just wonderful. they were gracious to each other. and this has been 2.5 years, so it’s not just a fluffy thing… its through some life, and well, i’m just honored to know them. and to have spent the afternoon in their glow.

wanna know how i came about this opportunity… this is interesting too:

four years ago i took photos for the hollabaugh family in plano for the graduation of their son stephen.

stephen came to vanderbilt and became friends with matt samples.

they stayed friends… matt samples is marrying tori bates.

stephen’s mom (darla hollabaugh) sent a facebook message to ask if i was still taking photos… and would i take the engagement photos of her son’s best friends?

i said yes. and here we are.

i will also be taking stephens’ college graduation pics in may of this year. what a really cool full circle.

what has made you so happy this week that your face hurts from the smiling?



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