my chains are gone… ish

We have been having a tough time here in sumner county with schools and freedom of religion issues… budget cuts… new teacher evaluations… it’s been rough.

my chains are gone, moms in prayer presentation at long hollow.

Last week, the local chapter of Moms in Prayer (formerly Moms in Touch) invited area principals to a luncheon to honor them and pray for them. It was hosted at my church, Long Hollow.

They had an idea of how they wanted to depict the year and their support … so they asked me to help them pull it off… it was such an honor to be asked.

A “principal”,  “teacher”, “mom” and “student” had chains around their neck that said things like :TCAP scores, financial stress, parents that don’t care, budget cuts, no subs, spiritual oppression… basically anything we could think of that is currently weighing down educators and families.

Chris Tomlin’s AMAZING GRACE started as they stood there in chains.

Then moms began to kneel at the altar and pray…

as the chorus rang out, “MY CHAINS ARE GONE” the characters began to put their chains on the cross and knelt to pray as well. It was a powerful representation of the power of prayer to free us. And our responsibility to pray for each other.

it made me think about the chains in my life. i struggle with the chain of time management… letting busyness steal my time… i struggle with the chain of distraction… letting things take my focus away from where it should be. if i’m with my kids, then the phone can distract me. if i’m in the middle of writing something, wanting to stop and draw can distract me. if i’m reading my bible, tiredness can distract me…

what chains are binding you today?

will you ask someone to pray with you to be freed from those chains? there is power in numbers.

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One thought on “my chains are gone… ish

  1. Susan Harris says:

    Atta-Girl…Love this post and the message speaks volumes to me as well…Focus is my “word” for 2012, and I have not been as successful as I need to be in this area of my life! Pray for me and I will pray for you!!! Love you

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