Jeff Lovingood, happy anniversary!

talk about your next generation pastor...wh


Today marked the 10th anniversary of my boss, next generations pastor Jeff Lovingood and our church, Long Hollow Baptist.

here’s the thing. not only is he my boss… in my life, he is LITERALLY a next generation pastor.

he was my youth pastor as a high school senior, and now he oversees the ministries that affect my high schooler, middle schooler and elementary schoolers… and i get to be part of it, working in his kids ministry.

if that’s not a full circle, i don’t know what is. and friends, that is encouraging!

it was an honor to be one of the presenters today and publicly say thanks for his work in my life, through the generations…

here are the gifts we gave him and why:





Preschool ministry is presenting this orange leather Bible to Jeff Lovingood.
In preschool at Long Hollow, kids begin to learn foundational truths of Christianity. Everything starts and ends with the truth of the Bible. Without the Bible and the truth of Jesus Christ, nothing else matters. Jeff Lovingood has 3 kids of his own. He has trained them up in the ways of the Lord… as well as every baby or preschooler at Long Hollow. His ministry crosses the generations.

The Children’s ministry is presenting heart monitor watches to Jeff and Rachel Lovingood to represent the time they have invested in kids and families over their years in ministry. why heart monitors? For the Lovingoods, ministry is a matter of the heart, they have dedicated their entire lives to seeing life change in others. They are deliberate not only about their personal physical health, but with the spiritual health of our generations.

The student ministry is presenting this chair to represent the heart for that one person, that drives Jeff Lovingood. He is willing to go to any lengths for even one soul. This chair also serves as a reminder of the new Long Hollow Student building that has been a lifelong dream for Jeff that was realized this year and has already, in it’s first 4 months impacted #? lives for Christ. He has always said that when are not enough seats, or parking spots, they will stop coming.

This football represents Jeff’s great love for the Volunteers.
Yes, it is signed by he entire Tennessee Volunteer football team. No one loves the Tennessee volunteers more than jeff… But even more than his beloved VOLS, Jeff has his own team of volunteers, who have their own team of volunteers, who have.. well, you get the picture. Jeff has a personal rule, recruit 10 to recruit 10. Training leaders to become leaders. Volunteers are a big deal to Lovingood.

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