twitter works…

i found a new artist and was enchanted by his art. ... art worth knowing about. enjoy.

so… i tweeted about it. told him it was enchanting.

he thanked me on twitter…

so, it made me an even bigger fan (which is saying alot because i had already pinned some of his work, so i was already a believer).

i love the mashup between pooh and star wars. two things i love and have great memories from my childhood… and now great memories from my kids childhoods (is childhoods a word).

his website says it all…James Hance … relentlessly cheerful art.

are you kidding me?! talk about your dear heartist!

i hope you enjoy this find as much as i have.

i gave him a sneak peek of the as yet unrevealed Up In My Treehouse song. Mutual appreciation is another beautiful thing.

artists… go find other artists to appreciate. inspire each other. be digitally generous (ala Tami Heim).

it’s so much fun. and lets your mind think about all kinds of new things.

what are some things you have found recently that you adore? did you tell the person that made them?

will you share them with us here? i’d love to know what inspires you.

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