i’m gonna be daughter of the bride… what?

awesome dress… would look even better with the right boots.

yep. that’s right. my mom is getting married.

my dad went to heaven almost 3 years ago. he was the greatest… and loved us all well.

for all of this time my mom has been strong and confident that God is good, all the time.

now… he is showing his Goodness to her BIG TIME.

she has spent the last year and a half rediscovering her joy through music… and dancing.

she wasn’t looking, wasn’t discontent, wasn’t lamenting her widowhood.

she was living. each day finding the joy and finding healing through every note of live music that she drove a gazillion miles to hear.

in walks the ultimate dance partner…

there is a man known for his kindness and … his dancing.
one night they were at the same venue, the VFW, to dance.
he said that he hoped she would be there than night… he had seen her before.
he asked her name. he asked her to dance. and that was all she wrote…
my aunt says that it was something to behold. to watch them dancing together and the smiles on their faces was … well, to use one of their own words that they use to describe the relationship (and incidentally one of my most often used words to describe my favorite things) MAGICAL.
they spend hours talking and dancing. they dance in the kitchen. they listen to music. they celebrate life. they celebrate each other.
and today he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him… assuring her that he wants to spend his remaining days bringing her joy,
and loving her well.
this is hot off the press, and just happened today. you are among the first to know… thanks for indulging me.
some people have asked how i feel about it all, if i’m ok with everything.
this is my response… why would i want her to be alone? why would i want her to miss out on joy? and why wouldn’t God give her someone that delights her? He has. he has given her great joy. her excitement is palpable, her school-girl giddiness at the mention of his name is wonderful.
this, in no way diminishes the history we have as a family and the man that my father was… this just continues our story. this expands our family.
and… for the first time ever, i’m going to have siblings, and they have kids, one of which has a daughter… our family is expanding exponentially…
i trust her heart and i trust our God to meet her needs and desires above and beyond anything i could even dream up for her.
isn’t it incredible? i cant say that i’m surprised. my mom is beautiful, funny, smart and lively. who wouldn’t want to be with her? i’m just grateful she has met someone who knows how blessed he is… and that she feels just as blessed… as it should be. if you talk to her, you will hear the bubbles of joy she can barely contain.
if you think of her, pray for her as she navigates this new ground, pray for him as he inherits all of us, pray for me to be what she needs.
yep. i’m gonna be daughter of the bride. ha.

8 thoughts on “i’m gonna be daughter of the bride… what?

  1. Petrina Kent says:

    Wow, how wonderful, God is so good, may His blessings continue to rest upon you all. Thank you for sharing. Petrina

  2. Paula Matlock says:

    Robyn – I am so happy for your sweet mom! And, for all of you!

  3. AmyFentonLee says:

    Beautiful post Robyn. Got teary eyed reading it. So happy for your mom and for good things to come for all of you!

  4. Rae Cole says:

    This is so exciting for all of you! May God give you many happy years as a family expanded. God is good–all the time.

  5. Jennifer Lorance says:

    WHAT?! Wow. What a sweet story! Love your mom. I’m so happy for her! And proud of you. It’s weird but a good weird. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

  6. Charyl Russ says:

    I am excited for you and your family, Robyn. How wonderful for you to see your mom so happy. Sounds like she is feeling like a teenager.

  7. Gale McKinnon says:

    Robyn, Thanks for sharing this with me. So happy for your mom and all of you. She just radiated over the phone and I could see her smiling. Can’t wait to hear more about him and them. Miss seeing you but glad Nashville has been so good for all of your family. Love, Gale

  8. Charlotte Ewing says:

    Keep reading the blog..each time I’m more excited for Carolyn. If anyone deserves JOY and HAPPINESS, it’s your Mom. Thrilled for her! And thanks, Robyn, for sharing your sweet, sweet heart with all of us. I feel like your Dad agrees and he’d be so very, very proud of you.

    Now…tell us about this dress. Is this really it?

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