my first song… and a video.

wanna see it?

so thrilled with how this turned out!

thanks to curt campbell for saying yes when i asked if he would help me write a song about a treehouse.

thanks to jeremy brown for producing the song, josh and jim “moose” brown for making the music awesome. caitie hurst for putting in her mad harmonies to make it even more delicious.

thanks to alex (collins) for shooting the video.

thanks to gunner the yellow lab for bookending the video with awesomeness.

thanks to jackson collins… the super ninja gummy bear. thanks to kavi and blaikie collins and mckay campbell for starring in the video.

just super grateful for all of it and thrilled with the results…

musical graphic


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3 thoughts on “my first song… and a video.

  1. Kerry B. says:

    Hello Robyn! I’ve been helping out with the LH Kidz VBS 2012 and tomorrow is our last day but I was wondering if there is any way to get some of the other kids’ songs like Super Ninja Gummy Bear. Let me know! Thanks!

    • hey kerry. i’m so glad you’ve been helping and having fun.
      also really glad people are loving super ninja gummy bear!
      it’s so fun to watch them… as the songs become available we’ll definitely let everyone know…

      • Kerry B. says:

        Super! Glad to hear that it’s under production! Can’t wait for it to become available!! 😀

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