i mustache you a question

mexican rhapsody costuming

how cute are these kids?!

we had our dress rehearsal tonite. and wow. was it fun?!

the songs are wonderful… most of them are from the SLUGS & BUGS UNDERWHERE album

the title song is one that i wrote with curt campbell… https://vimeo.com/41802891.

i reminded the kids tonite that we had set out to tell a story about kids with real lives that would make grownups and friends recognize that kids are people too… with real stories and real situations. it covers adoption, divorce, rebellion and redemption. sounds heavy, huh? it’s not. we tell it through songs like NINJA and GOD MAKES MESSY THINGS BEAUTIFUL. what sounds  heavy about that? nothing.

we talked tonite about how our goal from the very beginning was to make people see kids as people and learn about Jesus and his great love for us. i assured them that they had met their goals… and exceeded them.


i really can’t wait for people to join us for the experience because it’s gonna be a good one.

the kids have prepared diligently. parents have made sure that kids didn’t miss practices, and they have listened intently to the instructions we’ve given them… to say i’m proud would be an understatement. instead, let me ask you a question…

do you love kids? (i’m not a kid person is not an acceptable response… you are called to love others as yourself)

do you see kids as real people with real stuff? (because they so are… and in many cases, powerless to change their situations)

do you look at others with the love and grace that you hope they use when looking at you?

my hope is that the audience will learn with us, but my peace is in the fact that God has allowed us to trap these songs and music in their hearts, and that they will bring their friends to treehouse, and to relationship with Jesus.

i told them the title song: UP IN MY TREEHOUSE is meant as an invitation… it was written for a very specific purpose, to let people know what’s going on in treehouse on any given sunday… that the only rule is love everybody… and to let them know there is a place for them.

i have been on a bit of a soapbox about loving kids and seeing them with love in your eyes. i can’t imagine that anyone at our concert wouldn’t walk away with that realization.

i wanted to share this picture because i think it represents the musical so well. it’s current (if you dont think mustaches are current then i think you might not be on pinterest). and it’s fun. fun. fun. fun. Jesus wants to play with us… let’s have fun with Him.


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