duck dynasty …

duck dynasty

the original duckman in an article that impacted countless entrepreneurs.

See this guy? you know him as the star of duck dynasty. my uncle knew him as duckman and as another guy he chose to believe in and give a voice too.

he had a magazine…. Millionaire Blueprints. It was a magazine that told the stories of people and how they built their businesses.

He published this article about how Robertson was able to get his product into WAL-MART…7 years ago.

This was a revolutionary piece of information to entrepreneurs everywhere. People learned that they could take their idea and run with it… even run to wal-mart.

the cool thing about this story is not that my uncle discovered someone long before the rest of america… its about my uncle.

he was a dreamer. (i say was, because he lost a battle with cancer several years ago… or he would still be dreaming… ).

he was such a dreamer that he wanted to hear about others and their dreams. he was an unselfish dreamer… it wasn’t just about his dream… it was about seeing dreams realized.

he would freaking love it right now that my friends are tweeting and chatting about watching duck dynasty.

the legend of the dreamer is his dynasty that he’s left behind.

my cousins all have different dreams that they are pursuing. equally exciting and largely in part because of the example of the dreamer. two of the dreamers:

kimberly: dreams of providing family camps for returning soldier families, . It’s called Camp Better America, and is beyond imagination.

teri: dreams of writing to change lives, she’s doing it.


what do you dream of?! what’s your big dream?



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One thought on “duck dynasty …

  1. Ron Kerns says:

    Hey there Robyn! it’s ron kerns…how are ya? We LOVE Duck Dynasty!!! So, your uncle knew Phil? Wow…that is soooo cool. You can find a few of Phil’s sermons on YouTube….he’s quite a speaker!

    Dreams? Just being the best at what I do….graphic designer and such…and, to be able to give our girls the opportunities that I didn’t have when I was their age.

    Anyway…great piece! Hope y’all are doing well….

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