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jackson for president!!!

jackson is running for student body president… alex suggested the slogan “who else you gonna vote for?” jackson came up with this one…


i’m gonna be daughter of the bride… what?

awesome dress… would look even better with the right boots.

yep. that’s right. my mom is getting married.

my dad went to heaven almost 3 years ago. he was the greatest… and loved us all well.

for all of this time my mom has been strong and confident that God is good, all the time.

now… he is showing his Goodness to her BIG TIME.

she has spent the last year and a half rediscovering her joy through music… and dancing.

she wasn’t looking, wasn’t discontent, wasn’t lamenting her widowhood.

she was living. each day finding the joy and finding healing through every note of live music that she drove a gazillion miles to hear.

in walks the ultimate dance partner…

there is a man known for his kindness and … his dancing.
one night they were at the same venue, the VFW, to dance.
he said that he hoped she would be there than night… he had seen her before.
he asked her name. he asked her to dance. and that was all she wrote…
my aunt says that it was something to behold. to watch them dancing together and the smiles on their faces was … well, to use one of their own words that they use to describe the relationship (and incidentally one of my most often used words to describe my favorite things) MAGICAL.
they spend hours talking and dancing. they dance in the kitchen. they listen to music. they celebrate life. they celebrate each other.
and today he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him… assuring her that he wants to spend his remaining days bringing her joy,
and loving her well.
this is hot off the press, and just happened today. you are among the first to know… thanks for indulging me.
some people have asked how i feel about it all, if i’m ok with everything.
this is my response… why would i want her to be alone? why would i want her to miss out on joy? and why wouldn’t God give her someone that delights her? He has. he has given her great joy. her excitement is palpable, her school-girl giddiness at the mention of his name is wonderful.
this, in no way diminishes the history we have as a family and the man that my father was… this just continues our story. this expands our family.
and… for the first time ever, i’m going to have siblings, and they have kids, one of which has a daughter… our family is expanding exponentially…
i trust her heart and i trust our God to meet her needs and desires above and beyond anything i could even dream up for her.
isn’t it incredible? i cant say that i’m surprised. my mom is beautiful, funny, smart and lively. who wouldn’t want to be with her? i’m just grateful she has met someone who knows how blessed he is… and that she feels just as blessed… as it should be. if you talk to her, you will hear the bubbles of joy she can barely contain.
if you think of her, pray for her as she navigates this new ground, pray for him as he inherits all of us, pray for me to be what she needs.
yep. i’m gonna be daughter of the bride. ha.

now’s your chance… friday night lights

sumner county rugby team.

the team is comprised of high school boys from all over sumner county, 4 different high schools are represented on this team. one of the coolest things has been to see them work together and grow into a really genuine friendship… i love when unnecessary boundaries between schools are crossed!

the spirit of rugby is so refreshing and compelling. the tradition is to have a get together between the opposing teams following a match. on a few occasions we have found ourselves lining up with parents and players from the “other” team to share in a cookout. so great. you don’t see that happening after high school rival football or basketball games, that i’m aware of. so it’s really special. clearly.

the Sumner County Rugby league was started by local chiropractor Chuck Woosley, when his own passion for the game led him to round up some rugby loving friends and start the team. we have had to travel to games many times because there aren’t any other adversaries in our area.

the team has literally dominated other teams in this inaugural year. that of course, has added to the fun.

the boys have already won a spot in the state championship which will be played next week in knoxville, tn…. mother’s day weekend 🙂

this friday, however, they have a conference game that will be played at Station Camp High School at 7:30 pm. This is the closest place that you can come out to see the Sumner County ALL BLACKS for the remainder of the season.

it’s been really neat to be on the sidelines with students and parents from different high schools, and to watch the comraderie between the players result in victory after victory. what a great lesson to us all.

think about this… Jesus died for all of us. Every one of us. It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are, what you like to do… he loves you and gave himself for you equally. i love how the assembling of this team represents this spiritual truth.

i hope you will join us for the fun this friday night. if the past is any indicator, there will be alot of hitting, tackling, growling, scrummaging (ha) and good times. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the community at large by wearing ALL BLACK and supporting the SUMNER COUNTY ALL BLACKS!

You gotta c’mon.

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overwhelmed… knocked off my feet! literally.

brandon and leslie schell's treehouse


Today was a magical day.

13 hours for a video shoot.

6 cast members (Henry: Cole Hubbard; Frankie, aka Super Ninja Gummy Bear: Kavi Collins;  Kevin: Joshua Rodriguez, Huntington Frienderson the Third: Jonathan Coomer; Dad: Ryan Hubbard; Little Brother: Josiah Snead)

Tech Teams (Tyler Scott, Brian Zimmerman, Tyler Hirth, Josh Hendrick, Timmy, and later: Greg Saffles, Dakota Diel)

best assistant ever: emmy hendrick

catering: michele coomer

best sharers ever: brandon and leslie schell – shared their treehouse, their home, their time, their workshop… so grateful.

killing time during set up.

huntington frienderson the third shows up.

"dad" and "little brother" from Up In the Treehouse Cast

some of the lhkidz up in the treehouse castSo, I had written this script for our spring musical… with kids with real lives and real stuff going on. I wanted people to watch the show and really think about how everybody has stuff going on.

i wanted to tell a story of a group of friends that are nice to each other.

i wanted to show a parent that loved his child.

so the story has all of these things.

then i got a cast…kids that have real lives, real stuff in their lives, kids that have Jesus in their hearts, kids that are loving to others.

then i started to rehearse with the cast, and realized i didn’t just want this to be a one time experience for the several hundred people that will come to the musical, but i wanted to share the story bigger than that. i would have to have it on video, to be able to do that.

i called jason dyba.

he agreed that it was a worthy story and talked to tyler scott about the video project.


today, as we spent 13 hours shooting, don’t think i didn’t wonder if i had asked for too much… it was alot.

but our kids deserve it!

those that see it… need to learn from it.

i am so grateful to everyone who participated in any of the process that led to today. i will continue to be grateful as we continue to work on things and get them ready for the production. ..

i did, bust it … backwards… and fall OUT OF THE TREEHOUSE. what in the world!

nothing like taking one for the team. i’d do it a million times over. today was a magical wonderful day.

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