you make your own “luck”

artists… listen up…

sometimes you get a great opportunity… and you have to decide whether to go for it or not.

personally, i have had a philosophy of “say yes if you can”. i’ve shared this with college students in a class setting. i’ve talked about this with other creative friends. i’ve encouraged friends starting new businesses, etc…

in my life, this philosophy led to several really amazing things:

can you shoot a magazine cover? YES

can you write a book? YES

can you write a script for the stage? YES

will you write a sitcom? YES

will you write a curriculum? YES. Yes. Yes. Yes.

the list goes on.

there have also been times i’ve said NO. these were things that competed with what God wants me to do, or that took away from my other responsibilities.

here’s the thing, when opportunities present themselves, i make a plus and minus chart. listing the plusses on one side, and minuses on the other side, then i see which one wins. (my dad taught me this).

i was talking with dale and tami heim about this last night and he said something that was so true: “people make their own ‘luck'”

it takes hard work to be “in the right place at the right time”. it takes putting yourself in as many ‘right places’ at as many ‘times’ as possible.

in the process, people will learn a lot about you and your work ethic… your capacity to exceed expectations…

then when it is time to engage with you, they will already be a fan of your life… it will be easy for them to become a fan of your work.


One thought on “you make your own “luck”

  1. chris moore says:

    Good one. This so true. Hard work pays off everytime. Maybe not right away, but it will. Thank you for your post.

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