what was so great about today, anyway!?

so many things.

my kids are all back in tennessee, so yay!

tonite was our celebration service for all of our summer kids’ events… we had worship songs and testimonies from camp and from our vbs.

i got a copy of a song that i wrote with  jordan reynolds … and it’s beautiful. (thanks jordan and jeremy brown for making it happen)

this song is very special because it was the first idea i ever had that was so important that it needed to be trapped in a song, but it took a year and a half to figure out how to say it best. i think we’ve done that. I can’t wait to share the song… (if i were you, and i lived in hendersonville, i would come to midnight train in lhkidz ministry)…

then i got to write a song with one of my favorite people. ben eggebrecht. his band is My Red and Blue and I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time… he’s sung on several of my songs… but this is the first time we wrote a song together.

i’m so excited about the thoughts that were captured today in the words of our song… and the process… like  mindedness is such a blessing in the creative process.

and now i’m getting excited about choir in the fall. get to do a jeff slaughter musical!

to top it off… got to see some proofs of Jeff Slaughter’s VBS WORLD TOUR coming next summer from brentwood benson and it’s going to be awesome.

i’m drinking from the saucer today because my cup is so full it’s spilling over.

ever have a day like that?

When you do, do you take time to thank God and tell Him of His greatness, because it’s all i can think about right now!!


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