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the time when i wasn’t so great.


i love music. so much. i love the words to songs. i love the feeling songs give you. i love the whole thing…

but i’m not a choir expert. last year we started a kids choir, because we really wanted kids to be able to learn and experience music at church. and fortunately our worship leader, gerald trottman, who had years and years of experience… led the choir.

well, when we started this year, the schedule prevented his participation… so i tried to step into the shoes.

i really did try. promise.

it wasn’t good enough.

enter: carol goad. my amazing springfield treehouse host, volunteer extraodinaire and the mom of my beloved assistant.

she has a long history of leading church choirs. she didn’t want to “rob me of my blessing” though, by meeting the need. i assured her that it was no blessing of mine that she would be robbing. she came to observe last week… let’s just say that tonite she started as the choir director and she was awesome. and our kids are so lucky. and our choir performance will be so much better. and i get to serve side by side with her, instead of from afar. man, am i glad i wasn’t that great at directing choir… i might’ve missed this chance!

it’s good to admit when you aren’t the best.

btw… this is carol goad : i heart her.

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what songwriting and twitter have in common

As you know if you have been reading this blog for long, or know me at all… i’ve recently become addicted to songwriting.

You can download one of my songs here:

i still love writing scripts, letters, stories, journal entries… but have loved exploring songwriting.

you see, songwriting is like twitter. you have a very limited space to say all that you want to say.

my approach in all of my writing is to only use the necessary words, and eliminate anything superfluous. (i dont always do a great job of this, but it is my intention always).

this is mostly because i don’t want to take a chance that a reader could miss my point. i like to make sure that the point is abundantly clear.

that’s what great in song writing… you only have so many lines to say so much. and you have 3-3.5 minutes to say it. wonderful. who doesn’t have 3.5 minutes?!

in a recent conversation with one of my favorite creatives of all time… Jason Dyba… we were talking about my newfound enjoyment and he pointed something out…

he said that i was doing this the smart way, by writing with people that are great writers.

(this is something i always try to do, find someone that i respect doing something excellently and go learn from them).

he also said that he had started out writing by himself, instead, and this was not as helpful.

i said i’ve been writing by self for years, too…

(actually, some of my best script writing in the past few years has been co-writing)

this is when he said something that i thought was so neat:

he said, You were putting your songs into stories, now you are putting your stories into songs.

i’m so grateful to get to do both…

what are some ways that you can tell stories that you never have before?!

i kept meaning to tell you…

but for whatever reason, i haven’t sat down to write it.

i kept meaning too.

then i read a blog post today by CrossPoint Creative Genius Stephen Brewster that asked a question at the end and i found myself answering it with the idea that i had been wanting to blog about anyway…

so instead of elaborating, i decided to share what i had replied in the comments:

as a lifetime writer, i’ve written so many things, but recently have been enchanted by songwriting – with the realization that it’s the one form of writing that you can experience over and over again, 1000’s of reruns, not just one or two… this seems like great stewardship of the best ideas and messages. all of that being said:

Jason (dyba) was telling me it was smart that i had started writing with really talented writers, that he himself spent more time writing alone before he started to write with others.
i said i was writing alone too… it just wasn’t songs. it was articles, scripts, books…

He said you were putting your songs into stories, and now you’re putting your stories into songs.

what a blessing to be able to do both.

the stories in songs… get told more often.

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and that’s a rap.


wrapped a project today… 

last year jamie hamilton asked if i would design the beech bucs football program. i gladly said yes, and spent the next few weeks getting everything together and designing it… the best part was hanging out with jamie and mitzi during the process.

this summer i got a similar call and couldn’t wait to get started again. the project itself is relatively cumbersome and tedious, but the amount of time i get to spend in conversation with these two women is worth any price… so i was thrilled to do it again.

now… i sit and wait, hoping that i didn’t leave out anything crucial, that the majority of names are spelled correctly, etc. i hate that feeling of being worried about that part. but i also am thinking about what a great 2 years this has been here in hendersonville, tn.

we have all learned so much and had so many stretching and fun opportunities. more importantly we have added some really special friends to our lives. we have some people that really really matter to us and it is a blessing. life is hard, friends. stuff is hard, things that you encounter aren’t what you had in mind, but at the end of the day… if you have people… it’s better. it just is.

today i’m grateful for all of my people.

and that i turned in the final program.

now, let’s see if we have a football season.

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beating a dead horse? is that so wrong?

emmy modeling the new super ninja gummy bear shirt for @lhkidz

i’ve posted quite a bit about the super ninja gummy bear in the last 24 hours. i know.

but how remiss would it be not to post the link to the amazing video on my own blog…

answer: very.

funny story… someone “jokingly” called it a golden calf, so i had to explain again where the SNGB originated.

and in doing so, it hit me… this is a very powerful evangelism tool. simple. clear. the next evangecube (which, btw i’m a huge fan of) without all the sunday school looking images. this is why:

the super ninja gummy bear originated in a script about heaven… salvation…

the character was doing everything possible to get into the super ninja gummy bear club. but was told that it wasn’t possible to earn your way in. you couldn’t do enough gummy sit ups, or anything else to earn your way in. in the script, someone had to give up their spot so that someone could join. after that… it was available to anyone and everyone, they just had to say “yes, i want to be a super ninja gummy bear”. done.

that’s how it is with heaven. Jesus. Salvation.

you can’t be good enough. you can’t work your way into God’s perfect heaven. you can never earn it. it is only because of Christ’s sacrifice that we have the hope promise of heaven. he had to make a sacrifice to pay our way to heaven. and he did. now all you have to do is say yes.

that’s like 5 sentences to share the truth of the gospel. all because of a little bear. in the coming weeks we are going to be helping kids see how important it is to share the Truth with their friends. and to think… they get to start the conversation with a bear. someone says “where’d you get that? can i get that song? that tshirt? i love that bear”… and you get to tell them what he represents. boom. EE simplified. Evangecube made easy. Gospel in a gummy little bear with made ninja “loving” skills… as the song says “anyone can join the club, all you have to do is love… everyone around” (you can only love everyone if LOVE is in you. and LOVE is only in you if the Holy Spirit is in you.

what’s your favorite way to enter into the conversation about eternity with others?

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