and that’s a rap.


wrapped a project today… 

last year jamie hamilton asked if i would design the beech bucs football program. i gladly said yes, and spent the next few weeks getting everything together and designing it… the best part was hanging out with jamie and mitzi during the process.

this summer i got a similar call and couldn’t wait to get started again. the project itself is relatively cumbersome and tedious, but the amount of time i get to spend in conversation with these two women is worth any price… so i was thrilled to do it again.

now… i sit and wait, hoping that i didn’t leave out anything crucial, that the majority of names are spelled correctly, etc. i hate that feeling of being worried about that part. but i also am thinking about what a great 2 years this has been here in hendersonville, tn.

we have all learned so much and had so many stretching and fun opportunities. more importantly we have added some really special friends to our lives. we have some people that really really matter to us and it is a blessing. life is hard, friends. stuff is hard, things that you encounter aren’t what you had in mind, but at the end of the day… if you have people… it’s better. it just is.

today i’m grateful for all of my people.

and that i turned in the final program.

now, let’s see if we have a football season.

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