what songwriting and twitter have in common

As you know if you have been reading this blog for long, or know me at all… i’ve recently become addicted to songwriting.

You can download one of my songs here: http://longhollow.com/files/give_them_the_love_that_you_need.mp3

i still love writing scripts, letters, stories, journal entries… but have loved exploring songwriting.

you see, songwriting is like twitter. you have a very limited space to say all that you want to say.

my approach in all of my writing is to only use the necessary words, and eliminate anything superfluous. (i dont always do a great job of this, but it is my intention always).

this is mostly because i don’t want to take a chance that a reader could miss my point. i like to make sure that the point is abundantly clear.

that’s what great in song writing… you only have so many lines to say so much. and you have 3-3.5 minutes to say it. wonderful. who doesn’t have 3.5 minutes?!

in a recent conversation with one of my favorite creatives of all time… Jason Dyba… we were talking about my newfound enjoyment and he pointed something out…

he said that i was doing this the smart way, by writing with people that are great writers.

(this is something i always try to do, find someone that i respect doing something excellently and go learn from them).

he also said that he had started out writing by himself, instead, and this was not as helpful.

i said i’ve been writing by self for years, too…

(actually, some of my best script writing in the past few years has been co-writing)

this is when he said something that i thought was so neat:

he said, You were putting your songs into stories, now you are putting your stories into songs.

i’m so grateful to get to do both…

what are some ways that you can tell stories that you never have before?!

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